Transformation Retreats

Louise Van Der Velde has been helping people clear their emotional  energy  blockages,  as well as helping couples and singles connect on a deeper level of love for many years and its fair to say that whilst the unconditional  love model she  teaches is not for everyone, it works for many people,  ultimately though it's all about self love and awareness

These retreats are about exploring the deepest parts of ourself, healing the inner child and shadow and evolving into the 5th dimension.

In these unprecedented times we have been living it has become increasing difficult to meet the right people so with this in mind  Louise is now using her 20 years of experience to solve this problem, by bringing carefully  selected people together for a chance to meet their soul family and learn about the rules of living relationships in a way that actually works for you. 

These elite holidays are running  across the globe offering bespoke healing packages for those who want to meet new people as well as heal deep trauma through energy block release, refined technologies which lift consciousness and deep emotional cleansing programs. 

Who is it for?

Future love retreats are a place to connect and meet other professionals who care about  growing and doing good in the world ( we have an extensive global network of impact investors and innovators)  we are bringing them together through our once in a life time holiday experiences. Our members understand that the key is life is living  it without fear. Through that can regain lost confidence from past hurts , as well as finding  lasting friendships many could  even find the spark of true love and romance!  Each event features optional programs for 2 hours  a hour a day, Louise's  holistic Body, Mind, Heart Wellness Program with one-on-one coaching available. And lots of fun, trips  and adventures with like minded people. 

12 places in total

Men and women aged 30 - 50ish

  • Are you ready to find friends  to share adventures with?
  • Are you ready to optimise your health, mind, body and soul to live the life you deserve?
  • Are you ready to step into the best version of yourself and discover a world where impacting othersbrings you your greatest joy.
  • Are you ready to discover  a new peer group so you can enjoy life even more ?
  • Have you found yourself blocked in your work and social life  ? Looking for your next calling
  • Are you prepared to be honest about what you really want and learn how to manifest just that ?
  • Are you prepared to invest in yourself,  and enjoy a great holiday and see what develops ?
  • Are you ready to regress and finally heal your suffering? Optional treatments if you are. 
  • If you answered yes to any of these questions then this could definitely be for you...

When is it?


  • Mexico
  • Cannes
  • Dubai
  • Marbella
  • Egypt

Our immersive retreats are held at inspiring global destinations and feature local, chef-driven menus, fresh juices, indulgent accommodation and pampering activities, Yoga, Time Line Therapy, Optional Tantra ( clothed ), Shamanic healing, Beach days, Walks and a boat trip  Our groups are as important as the individual and participants are hand-selected for each event ensuring each guest list is based on compatibility to others based on the 3 tier pre selection process. 


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  • Full support with flight booking and travel arrangements
  • Transfers to and from the airport
  • Your own ensuite room in resort 
  • All dietary requirements
  • Juice bar for fresh juice
  • Detox days and drinking days
  • One to one and group treatments 
  • Yoga and meditation 
  • Day trips and beach clubs
  • Massages and pampering 
  • Fireside chats
  • Walks and adventures
  • Health assessments with diagnostic technology
  • Cutting edge frequency technology sessions
  • Meetings with other entrepreneurs and expats daily
  • Evening meals with live entertainment
  • Speaking opportunity 
  • Many expats have relocated and we have a great network of movers and shakers to meet while there 
Coaching program covering :
  • Past life regresson and time line clearing 
  • Healing of past hurts and traumas 
  • Future love manifestation sessions 
  • Tantra sessions ( fully clothed)
  • Optional evening with the shamans 
  • Daily yoga and meditation sessions 
  • Daily fitness class level 3 fitness trainer. 

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